An ultra-modern kitchen, MONTI displays its mineral tones and sleek design in the great outdoors.

And behind the minimalist central island, a rust red wall unit adds a new look to the style of this XXL model.

Anti-fingerprints, ultra-matte laminated lacquer fronts, on agglomerated support,

19 mm.

Beautifully crafted black metal handles for a streamlined effect but more affordable than the contoured handle.

Tilting unit door: easy opening and access. Can be used as a minibar.

Waterproof skirting with grooved effect for an aesthetic finish, available in black and stainless steel.

Wall units with drawers (sliding): shallow depth wall units, storage possible, available in various widths.

Front: ultra-matte effect with a silky touch, smudge-proof.

Under the counter drawer adapts to the position of the basin and optimises the remaining space.